Our Improvement Plans for the Winter

  • Winterizing the Sports Hub's Cabana
  • To Facilitate its use as the "Snow Shoe Hut"
  • Where we would have both equipment and instruction available
  • Along w/access to Mount Snow's Vast Trail System


This new offering would:


  • Greatly assist group leaders in attracting non-skiers to fill out their group with the addition of this fun and inexpensive activity.
  • For our high school cross country running coaches
    • Now in addition to your late summer training program in the Mount Snow Valley, you can add a post-season cross/sport fun filled winter sport guaranteed to increase team camaraderie and maintain fitness levels through the off season
    • Train for college snowshoe teams.

Consider adding the fun-filled inexpensive outdoor activity of snowshoeing

to the enjoyment of your stay with us


  • Unlike snowmobiling, the modern snowshoes offer an added dimension for the skiers and snowboarders
  • For those kids and grandparents who prefer not to careen down an alpine slope, a new dimension of enjoyment

Snowshoeing is

  • The all day, anytime, fun-filled alternative enjoyed right from your doorstep
  • Or for Vast panaramic views, take a short drive to Mount Snow Golf Course

Any way you choose, It's "Group Mega Fun!"

The Modern Snowshoes Make For

  • Easy learning, simple and user friendly
  • Great solo or group activity
  • Burn 500 - 1000 colories/hour
  • Free adventures - once you have the gear
  • Kids to grandparents can easily participate

Clearly one of those fun-filled activities!


  • In that regard...
Our plan is to provide a selection of snowshoes in each of our homes to provide you hassle-free snowshoe enjoyment, at your convenience, for a modest rental fee of $10/day or a flat fee for the length of your stay.
  • In the interim...

Cloud Nine Travel has arranged additional group ski, board and snowshoe rental pricing of $15/day with Veronique's Ski & Sport Shop - 802-464-5972

  • For links and more info, check out

Ten reasons to Try Snowshoeing at Snowshoes.com

For more info call or email:  802-464-5773